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Searching for the source of Earth's water

We are in a golden age of understanding the origins of life. With the help of AMETEK CAMECA, researchers at the University of Lorraine in France have been solving the puzzle of how water came to be present in such abundance on Earth – a challenge that has relied on using cutting-edge AMETEK elemental analysis technology to probe meteorites for tell-tale signatures of water.
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Building the movement towards tomorrow's robots

The revolution of human bionics has moved from the realm of science fiction to science fact. Today’s researchers focus on perfecting the complex actions and processes underlying even the simplest gesture. The key to replicating human actions lie at understanding movement changes in the smallest fractions of recordable time: a task made possible for researchers at Max Planck Institute in Germany by using the ultrahigh-speeds offered by Phantom camera technology.
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Unlocking the carbon secrets of deep-sea creatures

For many years the observance of sea creatures at mid-ocean levels has held significant challenges for researchers, with the remote nature of the animals and their translucent, watery composition making observations near impossible. But the exceptional imaging camera technology provided by AMETEK Phantom has transformed the understanding of these creatures, including uncovering revolutionary paths to new forms of carbon capture.

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Transforming renewable power in Tasmania

The global race for renewable energy requires the rethinking and redesign of the world’s power systems. In Tasmania, the island state’s bid to become Australia’s “battery of the nation” is dependent on successfully connecting expanding solar and hydro power generation into the national power grid. This complex power engineering task is quickly becoming a reality with the help of RTDS Technologies and their advanced power simulation tools.
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