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  • Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Building Sustainability at the Business Level

AMETEK businesses are placing sustainability closer to the heart of operational strategy. At AMETEK Sensors and Fluid Management Systems (SFMS), the team has introduced a wide range of initiatives and practices across their business designed to improve efficiencies, lower carbon emissions, and reduce or recycle waste.

SFMS formed a four-pillar Sustainability Council in 2021 focused on delivering environmental health and safety, operational excellence, developing differentiated technology solutions that support customers’ sustainability initiatives, and on supporting and engaging employees. Meeting weekly as teams, the group sets objectives, with a steering committee convening monthly to review operating plans, data, and metrics, and approve new initiatives.

Innovating sustainable technology development

A leader in the design of advanced sensors and aircraft fuel measurement systems for the world's aeronautical and aerospace markets, SFMS is focused on developing new technology manufacturing solutions to support internal and industry sustainability initiatives. Near-term wins have been identified from adjustments to existing products: innovations include product weight reduction, accuracy improvements, and scrap reduction and yield improvements to lessen waste and improve execution as well. In the longer term, sustainability commitments will actively influence how the research and analysis of existing or new technologies is carried out in order to support SFMS’s customers’ sustainability goals.

Cross-facility sustainability action

An annual Emissions, Energy & Waste operating plan continuously identifies areas for improvement across all operations at the SFMS facility in Wilmington, MA. Accomplishments in 2022 included the full replacement of disposable coffee cups with reusable mugs and replacement of bottled water with sustainable water dispensers – and introducing waste reduction solutions as simple and effective as double-sided printing to save paper. Progress during 2023 includes an energy audit, a continued reduction of plant energy usage, production recycling initiatives and facility improvements in lighting and more efficient plant equipment.

At SFMS’s companion facility in Reynosa, Mexico, a 2022 focus on projects that reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions included a 90% reduction in nitrogen consumption for product testing, the installation of LED lighting across all areas, and reclamation of gold pastes used in manufacturing. Further significant cost savings have been made recovering components from rework and selling scrap metal.

Making a measurable difference

“The key to introducing sustainability practices lies in coordinated planning at all levels, and alignment to the OPEX focus within the AMETEK Business Model ” says Elaine, Sustainability Chair and SFMS BU Manager. “Within a complex manufacturing business such as SFMS, the opportunities to introduce new practices are wide-ranging, so it is critical that efforts are well-aligned to our operational goals. The results of our year one activities have been very encouraging – not only for achieving consistently positive results, but in energizing colleagues from the various functions across the business to contribute. With ‘concept proven’, we will continue to place sustainable practices at the heart of our development, actively supported and driven by our teams.”

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