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  • Thursday, April 6, 2023

Creating innovations for cleaner air quality

Alphasense, an AMETEK business that provides marketing-leading gas and particulate sensors, is playing a prominent role to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability and clean air quality in its industry.

Alphasense has long been regarded as a thought-leader across its industries. As a proud member of the Environmental Industries Commission, Alphasense stands up as a representative for dozens of companies working in the environmental technologies and services sector, all with the common goal of driving sustainability through innovation to create a cleaner planet.

Alphasense colleagues advocate alongside British lawmakers at the Houses of Parliament to promote legislative action, especially regarding air quality. This continued dialogue with government at all levels and parties is critical to maintain healthy and safe environments for AMETEK’s stakeholders and communities to live and work in.

While the Alphasense team champions initiatives that drive environmental change, this AMETEK business also implements sustainability in its day-to-day business operations.

Alphasense’s commitment to a more sustainable world is reflected throughout its manufacturing and operations. The company works closely with suppliers and customers to improve their environmental performance and reduce their environmental impact.

One example of this is the development of the business’s high-accuracy PPB (parts per billion) sensors and low-cost Particulate Matter (PM) sensors for air quality and environmental monitoring applications. These products are used to properly monitor hazardous air pollutants to ensure the safety of residents and employees in both metropolitan and commercial environments.

The PPB sensors measure trace levels of harmful pollutants, many of which are not normally detectable outside of a lab. They are incorporated into instruments that deliver key data to ultimately improve air quality and reduce emissions, providing clean, safe air for those nearby.

Beyond serving communities and customers to ensure cleaner air, Alphasense has also instilled sustainable practices as part of company culture. The company has reduced the environmental impact of its products and complies with numerous environmental regulations, including RoHS, WEEE and REACH.

The company has also introduced a range of sustainable initiatives at its manufacturing center in Braintree, UK, such as roof-mounted photo-voltaic panels that produce much of the plant’s electricity, as well as initiatives to reduce waste and consumption of materials and implement recycling and re-use where possible.

With this AMETEK business’s innovations and advocacy improving the world around us, everyone can breathe a bit easier.

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