Building bionic robots
of the future

  • Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Phantom cameras are enabling researchers to
understand complex bionic

The background

Versatile precision to unlock bionic technology

Complex fundamental research is needed to realize the vision of a robotic humanoid with artificial joints and muscles. The Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems (MP-IS) in Stuttgart, Germany, uses a Phantom ultrahigh-speed (UHS) camera to ensure the precise observation and versatile analysis needed for these sophisticated processes, recording data at speeds of 300,000 frames per second.

Detailed image capture enables complex movement analysis

The renowned camera brand of AMETEK Vision Research, Phantom ultrahigh-speed cameras give researchers the ability to record minute movements, frame-by-frame, enabling the detailed analysis and replication of movements. The Phantom v2640 camera is the world’s fastest 4-megapixel camera, with a maximum resolution of 2048x1952 pixels at a rate of 6,600 frames of movement per second. Operating at a reduced resolution, it can record an incredible 300,000 frames per second.

The challenge

A big impact from minute details

Creating bionic joints that replicate the complex processes of the human body requires detailed examination of the ongoing dynamics with extremely high-resolution images. Lasers provide only discontinuous measurements, so a combination of electronic measurement techniques with the ultrahigh-speed imaging data delivered by the Phantom was needed to qualify and quantify the intricate fluid-flow dynamics analysis needed for bionic joint research.

The solution

The detail is in the data

The high-resolution performance of the Phantom camera, combined with its extremely fast frame rates, met the stringent requirements of the Max Planck research team. The camera also delivered the sensitivity necessary to record images in daylight, greatly simplifying the experimental setup. The result? Unique insights from AMETEK Vision Research technology that supports the development of bionic electrohydraulic actuators – offering revolutionary potential for next generation robotics. Read more about this Phantom project.

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