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  • Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Meet Anthony from AMETEK Land

Meet Anthony, who has worked at AMETEK Land in Dronfield, UK, since 2012.
Over the decade he has worked through several positions on his journey to his current role in sales, supporting international sales teams, engineers, sales managers, service teams, and channel partners. Learn more about Anthony and his journey with us.

What's interesting about working in sales at AMETEK?

Working at AMETEK is interesting because of the product lines that we provide. As a manufacturer of very highly specialized high-tech instrumentation and equipment, the areas of business that we deal in are exceptionally varied. Customer problems are very technical and in-depth. Working within that environment really challenges you as a salesperson, and that drives me to want to succeed more. So that's what really gets me up in the morning, and I think that’s what much of our sales team also feels.

You place a high value on the importance of teamwork. Why is that?

Teamwork is ingrained in everything we do. It does not matter what department you work in, what business unit you work for, there are lots of opportunities to come together and work on very varied projects from various parts of the business. And the reason we do that is to bring together different ideas, diverse ways of thinking, to try and make sure that we produce the best possible solution, whether for an internal process or a customer project. AMETEK’s success is built on teamwork; I can say that wholeheartedly.

“As a young engineer, I know the problem of our age is the carbon footprint of how we work and live. And that’s what I enjoy about AMETEK: de-carbonization is fundamental to everything that we are doing, whether it be innovation, marketing, or future development. It makes this a place I want to work.”

Being part of a global team is a great motivator for you also.

I'm always getting to work with people all over the world. I don’t think there is anywhere that I’ve visited yet where there isn't at an AMETEK presence. So, if you’re in a city you've never been to before, I can guarantee there is someone local who is part of AMETEK. And that's something that we try and bring together in the work environment. We're using different opinions and consulting different skill sets to make sure that the teams work as effectively as possible, and that we understand all the different market trends.

What advice would you give to someone considering embarking on an AMETEK career?

This is a great environment to work in. If you are a technical person, fantastic, but even if you’re not, AMETEK is keen to search for talent, so we can train people in a technical aspect. I came into the business with no technical degree qualification: I now have that, and I can contribute to technical discussions daily. Don't be afraid to apply, go for the interviews, and you might just be the person that we are looking for.

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Interested in joining our team? Click here for more.

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