Accelerating change
to greener energy

  • Tuesday, August 16, 2022

As adoption of renewable energy accelerates at a rapid pace, reliable power testing solutions are needed to ensure a smooth, dependable integration of new technologies.

The background

Getting ready for the renewable revolution

Renewable energy sources -- a mix including solar, geothermal, wind and hydropower generation -- will become a dominant source of power generation during the twenty-first century. But managing the changeover isn't as easy as flipping a switch: considerations for successful change include improving storage capabilities, optimizing the reliability of systems to run between periods of low and high generation, and swapping between different power sources smoothly.

Making change simple and seamless

AMETEK Programmable Power makes the shift to greener energy as seamless and beneficial as possible. Through innovative power and testing equipment that replicates the differing conditions of different sources, AMETEK is the expert partner for the journey towards a circular economy incorporating renewables.

The challenge

Bringing certainty to new energy usage

Not every energy source works the same: the power conversion equipment designed for oil and gas generation cannot simply be put into a system utilizing renewable sources. As power supplies and electronic loads need to handle the variable nature of renewable energy, the testing equipment must adequately simulate real-world scenarios that cause dips or spikes in energy, such as cloud obstructed solar panels or variability in wind speed.

The solution

Embracing future transitions with confidence

By modelling the unique behaviors of different power sources to every user need, AMETEK Programmable Power’s innovative power test systems enable the world’s power transmission companies to adapt the best solution on a by-case basis. Not only does it enable users to integrate green energy sources reliably, but it gives complete confidence in managing the challenging power transitions ahead.

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