Driving hypercar performance
to new levels

  • Friday, August 26, 2022

Creaform’s portable 3D measurement technologies help set new standards in hypercar innovation

The background

A new route to building more advanced automobiles

A world-class manufacturer of high-performance sports cars, Christian von Koenigsegg and his team push the limits of technology and innovation to develop the best hypercars on the market. Precision manufactured in low volumes, Koenigsegg seeks ever higher quality standards to match the ever-evolving expectations of their customers.

Finding the right partner for the journey

Koenigsegg partner with fellow innovators who hold their same values of innovation, passion and determination. They found these values in the expertise and proven track record of Creaform. Creaform's leadership in portable 3D measurement technology and 3D engineering services was the perfect match for Koenigsegg to streamline its design process, right down to the final assembly of the car.

The challenge

Making light work of carbon fiber inspection

Production car assembly depends on the accuracy and repeatability of part manufacture: a task made more challenging by the dark and highly reflective properties of the advanced light carbon fiber used in the production process.

Hundreds of hand-formed carbon fiber parts needed to be inspected in detail. But by combining Creaform technologies -- including highly advanced 3D scanning software and handheld MetraSCAN 3D scanners that produce more accurate results at 12 times the previous speed -- it soon became evident quality could be improved while improving production speeds.

The solution

A new road to greener car production

Commencing with a full body scan of the company’s new car, the 250mph Regera hybrid hypercar, Creaform technology was able to make instant, measurable improvements in the quality, accuracy, and consistency of part production, ensuring a high-quality product and reducing time consuming and costly rework requirements.

The potential for this technology not only ensures a quality edge for supercars, but Creaform's proven ability to measure and inspect ultra-light materials opens new vistas for greener hybrid cars, where lighter car bodies are able to offset their weight of fast-developing battery technologies.

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