May 2023
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Fact File

Founded: 1929
Based In: Mount Prospect, IL
Team Members: 350+
Markets: Communications Technology / Education / Healthcare

AMETEK Rauland is a pioneer in the world of integrated communications technology. Founded by inventor and radio enthusiast E. Norman Rauland, this AMETEK business has been setting the standard in their industry for more than 90 years.

Today, Rauland is a market leader in the design and delivery of critical communications and life-safety solutions for hospitals and schools worldwide. Their advanced communications solutions simplify, streamline, and coordinate day-to-day activities, as well as emergency efforts. Rauland technology keeps customers’ workplaces connected and communicating in any type of scenario.

Rauland team members on the manufacturing floor

The difference we make

Rauland understands that, across any industry, communication is key. Since its founding in 1929, the business has proven to provide sophisticated and reliable technology that enables efficient communication amongst its users. Throughout the Great Depression, Rauland manufactured power amplifiers and equipment for public address systems, as well as radio and communication systems for the U.S. military – all critical functions during a trying time in American history.

Decades later, Rauland remains a reliable pillar of communications technology – but also isn’t afraid to evolve and innovate as the world’s communications needs rapidly change. Rauland is now zero-ed in on the education and healthcare industries, with specialized solutions to serve the complex needs of each.

The Responder product line is designed for the healthcare industry, providing efficient communications solutions that help drive better productivity and higher quality of care in healthcare systems, hospitals, nursing homes and elder care facilities. Its data-driven nurse call solutions help drive staff efficiency while also helping to improve overall patient care and staff satisfaction.

Telecenter U is a school communication system that benefits educational facilities from the district office to school classrooms. From easily customizable alerts to individual office communications kiosks, Telecenter U keeps administrators and teachers connected in day-to-day and emergency situations.

Telecenter U school communication system

Meet the team

Thomas is a dedicated Rauland team member. Starting as an intern in 2015, Thomas was hired full time in 2016 and has worked in various operations roles. He is currently a Project Engineer, ELT in the Operations Group where he works with the line support team to design Rauland healthcare and education products.

He also helps introduce new products into the manufacturing facility and is involved in continuous improvement projects to enhance productivity.

Thomas’s favorite part of his job is new product introductions. “It’s so fun to see a product go from design engineering and come to life when first made in the factory and then troubleshoot it to perfect it,” he says. “It’s an exciting and fun daily challenge.”

“We have a very large and diverse work group and I really enjoy the daily work with my colleagues – it's so great to come in and help problem-solve to make our products better."

Celebrating the Past and Nurturing the Future

Rauland takes pride in its long history of innovation and those who have driven their success. The “40 Year Wall” in their Illinois office celebrates employees who have been a part of the team for more than 40 years. Similarly, the “Patent Wall” showcases most of the over three dozen patented technologies Rauland engineers and innovators have developed throughout the company’s history.

The Rauland team works hard, but also isn’t afraid to play hard. Team building activities – such as annual picnics, attending the local Schaumburg Boomers baseball games, volunteering for the SPARKS Foundation/Science Explorers, and a weekly bowling league – encourage camaraderie across this AMETEK business.

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About Rauland

Rauland is a market leader in the design and delivery of critical communications, workflow, and life-safety solutions for hospitals and schools worldwide. Comprehensive solutions include Responder® hospital communications and nurse call systems for healthcare, and Telecenter® communications systems for education, that enable staff to be in touch and on task.

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