April 2023
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Fact File

Founded: 1950
Based In: Bonndorf, Germany
Team Members: 1300
Markets: Industrial Automation / Agriculture / Building Automation / Healthcare & Laboratory / Mass Transportation

Ever since its founding by Christian Dunker in a small workshop in 1950, Dunkermotoren is proud of its heritage in the Black Forest of Germany. Today, from its HQ in Bonndorf, a team of 1300 employees are dedicated to developing innovative, flexible and high-quality motor solutions. Together, Dunkermotoren supports a wide range of industries in the automation, agriculture, building, healthcare and transportation sectors.

With a wide-ranging portfolio encompassing brushless and brushed DC motors, linear systems, and AC motors, all of which originate from in-house development and production, all components can be combined within a modular system by gearboxes, encoders, brakes and integrated or external electronics -- helping customers form a complete motor unit, each optimized to their specific performance requirements.

Dunkermotoren's headquarters in Bonndorf, Germany

The difference we make

Dunkermotoren's focus on innovation means they not only solve current customer challenges, but anticipate future trends. New business opportunities continually evolve for customers, and Dunkermotoren has been at the forefront of developing these into effective product solutions.

For over two decades, Dunkermotoren has been a pioneer in intelligent DC motors with fieldbus or ethernet interfaces. And with the advent of IIoT technologies, the company's neofox smart solutions take advantage of the complex data and communications yielded by smart motors. This not only enables more effective performance, but allows customers to get the benefits of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Dunkermotoren has been a pioneer in intelligent DC motors for over twenty years

Meet the team

Tobias is the Vice President of Technology at Dunkermotoren. Tobias takes great pride and satisfaction in helping customers find the right solution for them.

“Dunkermotoren has always been continuously introducing groundbreaking innovations in many different applications and markets,” he says. “Our customers appreciate the high flexibility of our drives, choosing between thousands of different configurations to find the individual customized solution.”

For example, one focus application is warehouse automation, where autonomous vehicles are increasingly important in intralogistics, with no limits in sight for drive technology design. Dunkermotoren’s complete package for AGV/ AGC/ AMR consists of motor, encoder, controller, and hub gearbox, with integrated or external controls solution with common fieldbus interfaces and safety functions.

Efficiency is the key driver, and Dunkermotoren’s solution is developed specifically for battery-powered systems, and the robust design allows for uninterrupted operation in harsh environments.

“Our satisfaction comes from finding and developing the solution for every customer."

Our Culture

Excellence in engineering achieved through excellence in education. Through HeDu – a unique training partnership with neighboring company Hectronic – Dunkermotoren offers young people the opportunity to complete a cross-company training and learn skills and abilities beyond the requirements of an apprenticeship. Over a decade, this unique "HeDu" success concept has been proving itself, which means that during training, insights are provided into both Hectronic and Dunkermotoren. Door-to-door, joint projects are realized and different educational are carried out. Markus Fechtig, Head of Education and Training at Dunkermotoren says, “The AMETEK Foundation Prize supports our activities and thus helps to develop our promotion of young talents and professionals.”

Find out more about Dunkermotoren at dunkermotoren.com

About Dunkermotoren

Dunkermotoren is a leading manufacturer of customized rotary and linear motion solutions providing low-risk product development, lower total system cost and faster time to market for original equipment manufacturers in the automation, medical, solar, packaging, semiconductor and transportation industry segments.

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