AMETEK MOCON® launches new Dansensor® electronic gas mixer

  • Tuesday, April 4, 2023
AMETEK MOCON’S new mid-capacity gas mixer, the Dansensor MAP Mix Focus, uses an electronic mixing principle to mix food-grade MAP gases accurately and reliably.

“By adding this new mid-range electronic gas mixer to our mixer portfolio, we can now provide reliable gas mixing solutions for food applications, regardless of the speed, capacity or complexity of the MAP packaging line,” says Global Product Manager, Dorthe Oldrup. “Our trusted low-capacity mechanical mixers and the electronic, high-end, high-capacity Dansensor MAP Mix Provectus will be well complemented by this mid-capacity alternative.”

Like its high-capacity counterpart, the Dansensor MAP Mix Focus features a user-friendly interface. Operators can monitor the gas mixing process in real time with a coherent on-screen overview that includes precise information about the current gas flow, total gas consumption, and actual MAP gas mix. In addition, this data is continually logged and saved on the instrument.

Up to three gas settings can be saved on the instrument to accommodate multiple products on the same packaging line, without errors or variations in the chosen parameters. Operators value the instrument’s intuitive touchscreen set-up, function, and its easy-to-read display.

The Dansensor MAP Mix Focus features a maximum flow rate up to 500 L/min (2-gas) and up to 750 L/min (3-gas), depending on mixing settings. This range makes it suitable for packaging machines with both direct gas feed (flow packers) and buffer tanks (tray sealers and thermoformers).

“A great benefit of the new Dansensor MAP Mix Focus is the minimal pressure loss between inlet and outlet gases,” says Oldrup. “That means that you don’t have to rely on your supply gases being high pressure to meet your gas pressure needs on the packaging line. In turn, you utilize more of your bottled gas, even as the pressure inside the bottles drops. This improved usage means less wasted gas, which is of particular interest right now with the extraordinarily high gas prices.”

Gas mixers for modified atmosphere packaging in the food industry are typically installed directly on the packaging machine, allowing for the best functionality, flexibility, and communication. To accommodate the conditions of a packaging line environment and the needs of the operator, the Dansensor MAP Mix Focus is robust and provides vital real-time information, warnings, and alarms in a clear and accessible format.

“I look forward to introducing the MAP Mix Focus to the market on our booth at Interpack 2023,” says Oldrup. “There, customers will have a chance to have a look at the format and function of the new mixer and have a chat about its features and benefits.”

About Dansensor
Dansensor is a product brand under MOCON Europe A/S. The Dansensor package testing products are used for quality assurance and quality control of packages that are protected with a controlled gas composition. Our products stand out as the premium performance leaders, setting the standard for quality and reliable measurement of gases. Our benchtop, handheld and integrated instruments are used in laboratory R&D, process monitoring and quality control on, at and off the packaging line.


AMETEK MOCON is a leading provider of laboratory and field gas analysis instrumentation for package and permeation testing to research laboratories, production facilities, and quality control departments in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications. 

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