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    • Phone: +1 763-493-6370
    • Fax: +1 763-493-6358
    • MOCON, 7500 Mendelssohn Ave. N, Minneapolis, MN, 55428, USA

    MOCON is a leading provider of analyzers, detectors, and testing & consulting services to research laboratories, and production facilities for QA/QC and R&D testing of barrier films and packaging. Markets include medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, packaging, environmental, consumer goods, and other industries worldwide.

    Additionally, MOCON offers a range of Baseline® products that include on-line VOC gas analyzers, gas chromatographs, hydrocarbon analyzers, and piD-TECH® photoionization detectors (PID) and sensors. Markets include environmental monitoring, toxic gas detection, well logging during oil and gas exploration, petrochemical, chemical, industrial and specialty gas trace impurity analysis.

    Baseline Colorado Service Center (Baseline products only)
    Phone: +1 303-823-6661 I Fax: +1 303-823-5151

    Dansensor & MOCON Service Center (Dansensor/MOCON products only)
    Part Orders & Repairs:
    Technical Support:
    Phone: +1 763-493-6370

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