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    • Phone: +1 781-275-2242
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    • 14 DeAngelo Drive, Bedford, MA, 01730, USA

    State-of-the-art nuclear instrumentation and associated components used for X-ray and gamma ray detection. It offers SDD and Si-PIN X-ray detectors for XRF analysis. CdTe and scintillation-based gamma-ray detectors for XRF analysis and radiation measurement, cutting-edge digital pulse processors, and charge sensitive preamplifiers and front-end electronics for satellite and other instrumentation. Customers include both major and emerging OEM instrumentation manufacturers who produce handheld, portable and benchtop analyzers, government research laboratories and universities, private industry, and numerous space agencies around the world. HS Foils is a provider of radiation detector componenets, including ultra-thin radiation windows, silicon drift detectors and X-ray filters is a complementary business of Amptek. HS Foils has extensive expertise around Si-PIN and silicon drift detection (SDD) manufacturing. 

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