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Crank Software

    • Phone: 1-613-595-1999
    • 1000 Innovation Drive, Suite 100, Ottawa, ON, K2K 3E7, Canada

    Crank Software is a global innovator in embedded GUI solutions that accelerate the design and development of modern UX for tomorrow's IoT devices. Through the Storyboard GUI framework, Crank drives innovation and faster time to market for brands wanting to deliver sophisticated customer experiences and unmatched performance on MCUs to MPUs. With its rapid iteration and design file re-import technology, developers around the world are able to create products that offer unmatched GUI experiences (graphics, voice, and audio), uniquely optimized for all operating systems and platforms, including resource-constrained devices. Crank's Professional Services team has deep knowledge and experience across all phases of the embedded GUI development process and helps industry leaders eliminate risk with product UX design from concept to finished interface. With decades of domain expertise, brands such as Coca-Cola, John Deere, and Vorwerk rely on Crank to bridge the gap between UX vision and customer expectations.

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