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Electronic Components & Packaging

Worldwide provider of high performance solutions for advanced electronic applications. Commercial and military grade hermetic connectors, packages, cable assemblies, headers and feed thrus. Glass-to-metal seals (GTMS), glass-to-fiber seals (GTFS), ceramic to metal seal (CTMS) and high-temperature co-fired ceramics (HTCC) for hermetic packaging. Complete assembly housings and components for advanced electronics and semiconductor, thermal batteries, TO packages, as well as RF and microwave packages and connectors. Custom-engineered solder and braze preforms, microstampings and cover assemblies; precision fine gold, aluminum and copper bonding wire; integrated subassemblies for semiconductor packaging. Custom packaging by request, including tape on reel and other custom formats. Brands - Aegis, Coining, Glasseal Products, Hermetic Seal, SCP, and Sealtron. Markets served include aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, high-performance electronics, medical devices, RF & microwave communication, subsea and optical networking.