Barben Analytical Launches Retractable Optical Oxygen Sensor

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

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CARSON CITY, NV – Barben Analytical, a leader in pH/ORP, oxygen and conductivity measurement products, has added the BOS SAFETAP Retractable Optical Oxygen Sensor to its successful optical oxygen product offering.

Retractable (hot tap) sensors allow the measurement element to be inserted directly into the process pipeline or vessel without the need for a dedicated sample line. When removal is required, an integral ball valve isolates the sensor without shutting down the process. This specialized design is a critical feature when calibration or maintenance is required.

“Most of our product development efforts have focused on sample line oxygen measurement,” explains Melvin Thweatt, Vice President of Sales for Barben Analytical. “For many customers, sample line installation is just not practical due to issues regarding the venting of potentially hazardous chemicals. The BOS SAFETAP eliminates the sample line by providing in-situ oxygen measurement.”

Barben Analytical’s unique optical oxygen sensing technology is based on proven quenched luminescence measurement principles. Blue light directed through a fiber optic cable is exposed to a polymeric-based luminescent coating (luminophore) within the process stream.
The luminophore is excited by the light and emits red light back through the fiber optic cable.
The wavelength and amplitude of the emitted light are used to determine the partial pressure oxygen concentration of the process.

The optical technology can be applied in either gas or liquid phase applications. The oxygen measurement is highly selective towards oxygen thus not affected by H2S, CO2 or other contaminant gases.

The BOS SAFETAP is rated for 750 PSIG (51 bar), making the product ideal for applications such as produced water dissolved oxygen measurement. Integral safety features, such as a mechanical retention hook, multiple lock-out options, anti-blowout sensor design, and a reliable Conax® sealing gland, help to ensure operator confidence with the product.

When sensor removal IS required, the welded ball valve includes an isolation chamber with tubing connections for in-situ calibration or purging of process. Sensor change-out is easily accomplished with a replaceable window cap. The BOS SAFETAP is offered in all current measurement ranges from 0.5ppm to 25% oxygen (gas phase) or 1ppb to 22ppm (liquid phase).

More information on Barben BOS SAFETAP Retractable Optical Oxygen Sensor is available by contacting Barben Analytical, 5200 Convair Drive, Carson City, NV 89706 USA. Telephone: 775-883-2500. Fax: 775-297-4740. E-mail: or by visiting the Barben Analytical website at

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