Dunkermotoren Launches New Brushless Power Package

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

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BONNDORF, GERMANY – Dunkemotoren, GmbH, a unit of AMETEK Precision Motion Control, has launched the BG 95 brushless DC motor package. This latest addition to the Dunker motor family provides 1100 W of output power continuously and can be overloaded up to four times.

With nominal voltages down to 24 VDC, the BG 95 is suitable for autonomous vehicles and other battery-powered applications. With efficiencies of over 90%, the BG 95 offers low current consumption, which spares battery charge. At 3650 rpm, continuous torque is 2.9 Nm and maximum torque is 10.4 Nm. With its optional integrated encoder system, the BG 95 can position very precisely. Its black anodized housing also allows for very good heat dissipation.

Available in two sizes: BG 95 x 40 and BG 95 x 80, the BG 95 expands Dunkermotoren’s motor portfolio and modular power system in terms of output power. It can be combined with planetary and worm gearboxes (up to ratio 710:1) as well as with encoders and brakes that are specially designed to fit the motor.

About Dunkermotor
Dunkermotoren is a global leader in customized, configurable fractional horsepower motion control solutions. Its rugged and dynamic drives are used in industrial automation, mass transit, and agricultural equipment and in the solar power industry for solar trackers. Its product line consists of brushless DC and permanent magnet DC and AC electric motors, gearmotors, controls, encoders and brakes and linear motors.

Dunkermotoren is a unit of AMETEK Precision Motion Control, a division of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical products with 2014 annual sales of $4.0 billion.

Click here for a hi-res image of the Dunkermotoren BG95 Brushless DC Motor