Teseq Adds 8-Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Monday, April 27, 2015

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Teseq Adds 8-Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator to Transient System for All-in-One Automotive Immunity Testing
Eight-channel generator offers 64,000 segments and 1 GB of memory for user-defined waveform shapes

Edison, N.J. – Teseq introduces an eight-channel arbitrary waveform generator for automotive testing. The ARB 5500 fits inside the transient generator and features memory for over 64,000 standard waveform segments as well as 1 GB of Clone memory for user-defined shapes. This is enough memory for several thousand hours of simulations.

Now available in new systems or as an upgrade for existing NSG 5500 units, the ARB 5500 provides the necessary control for all battery simulation tests and advanced functions like power magnetics and continuous wave (ripple) simulations.

Teseq’s ARB 5500 supports waveforms that may be difficult to describe and real-world events that need to be simulated. All vital waveforms can be created from the built-in wave shapes or by loading a Clone™, a memory map of user-identified or prerecorded wave shapes, from an external application.

In addition to individual trigger outputs and programmable current limits, each of the ARB 5500’s eight channels support 16-bit output with a 10 MS/s playback for true stepless operation. The channels can be perfectly synchronized with an advanced parameter-ramping function when paired with Teseq’s redesigned AutoStar 7 software. This intuitive software offers drag and drop programming and what you see is what you get operation. All channels are individually calibrated with values stored right on the ARB 5500.

Every segment in the new arbitrary waveform generator features its own trigger, advanced rectification, phase angle and duty cycle programming to effortlessly meet even the most complex standards’ requirements.

The ARB 5500 has an output voltage range of -10 V to +10 V, a frequency range up to 500 kHz with isolated output. With the addition of transient modules and a new dropout switch, nearly all automotive tests can be performed using a single 19" generator.

Technical Specifications
• Perfectly synchronized, eight-channel ARB built into the transient generator
• Memory for over 64,000 segments
• 16-bit, stepless operation
• 1 GB of Clone memory for user-defined waveforms
• Output voltage range of -10 V to +10 V
• Frequency range up to 500 KHz

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Teseq, a unit of AMETEK Compliance Test Solutions, is a leading global developer of EMC instrumentation and systems for radiated and conducted interference in the automotive, consumer and industrial electronics, defense and avionics, medical, and telecommunications industries.

With four product brands—Teseq, IFI, MILMEGA and EM Test—Teseq offers the world’s most comprehensive range of EMC systems for immunity and emissions testing. Its strong global service network with local accredited calibration labs ensures fast turn-around for calibration and repair.

Teseq is the only pulsed immunity manufacturer in North America with an accredited calibration lab. Teseq is a unit of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with 2014 sales of $4.0 billion.