Process Instruments Launches Analyzer Van Tour

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

CONTACT: Rich Shehab (412-826-2446)

First Stop: 60th ISA Analysis Division Symposium,
April 26-30, 2015 Galveston, Texas

PITTSBURGH, PA, – AMETEK Process Instruments, a leader in process analytical instrumentation, packed the van and is on the move, traveling the country with a customized van to showcase its latest generation of tail gas and combustion analyzers:
o Model 888 Sulfur Recovery Tail Gas Analyzer
o THERMOX WDG-V Combustion Analyzer

First stop on the tour is the 60th ISA Analysis Division Symposium in Galveston, Texas. That will be followed by stops in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, the western United States, Midwest and finally back to the East Coast, where the van will end its cross-country tour back home in Pittsburgh, PA, in March, 2016.

The team sets up in a parking lot or wheels its analyzers right into a facility for an onsite lunch and learn. Tour stops can still be scheduled by contacting Rich Shehab at AMETEK Process Instruments by telephone at (412) 826-2446 or by e-mail at or by visiting for more information.

Van Tour Highlights
AMETEK Process Instruments is a leader in the design and manufacture of a broad range of on-line analytical instrumentation. It offers the industry’s most extensive product line with analyzers based on 11 differentiated technology platforms.
The tour highlights two of AMETEK’s most innovative analyzers.

The Model 888, launched in early 2015, is a next-generation sulfur recovery tail gas analyzer that brings significant reliability control advances to the Claus sulfur recovery process. These include new features that address the three most common external failure modes encountered by Sulfur Recovery Units:
o Automatic flow control for proactive response to adverse process conditions, such as liquid entrainment during SRU turndown.
o Flange temperature alarm to give early warning of poor steam quality or defunct steam trap to prevent sample flow failure.
o Extended ambient temperature range to 60oC (140o F) without external cooling to increase the life of electronics and allow installation in the hottest climates.

The WDG-V analyzer, introduced in 2014, is the latest addition to AMETEK’s Thermox® combustion analyzer product line. The WDG-V provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for monitoring combustion, reducing excess oxygen, improving operating efficiency, and lowering emissions of NOx, CO and CO2. and improving operating efficiency. Among its unique features are:
o An improved aspirator design with larger orifice sizes and improved response times even with flame arresters installed
o Low-flow sample alarm that monitors combustion gas flow at the sensors and provides an indication of low sample flow
o Automatic verification of cell and detector integrity for ensuring proper accuracy and operation
o Cell and detector age tracking for proactive calibration or service scheduling.

AMETEK Process Instruments is a unit of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of $4.0 billion.

For more information, contact AMETEK Process Instruments, 150 Freeport Rd., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15238 USA. Phone: 412-828-9040. Fax: 412-826-0399. Web site: 

Click here for a hi-res image of Process Instruments' analyzer van and Model 888 sulfur recovery tail gas analyzer

Click here for a hi-res image of Process Instruments' analyzer van and Thermox WDG-V combustion analyzer