EDAX Brings Complete Quantification To 3D Data with the Launch of TEAM 3D Imaging and Quant IQ

Thursday, July 24, 2014

EDAX Inc., a leader in X-ray microanalysis and electron diffraction instrumentation, has announced a major advancement in the growing field of 3D microanalysis with the launch of TEAM 3D IQ, delivering the full analysis capabilities of TEAM™ EDS to 3D datasets.

“Previous 3D solutions have focused on the reconstruction of a stack of image slices through a sample to produce a 3D rendering. Maps could be displayed by color coding according to signal intensity, and, while they could be modified with typical visualization tools like rotation, zoom and thresholding, there was little additional interpretative information available,” notes Dr. Patrick Camus, Director of Innovation at EDAX.

“With TEAM™ 3D IQ, EDAX has extended the source of typical 3D EDS data sets from simple elemental maps to full spectral imaging data sets for each slice. When sub-sets of the data are extracted for interpretation, a complete spectrum also is extracted, from which full quantification can be performed.

TEAM™ 3D IQ fully opens up the next dimension in materials characterization, allowing users to extract the maximum information from their 3D acquisitions. Each X-ray is not only identified but also tagged with x, y and z coordinates, building a true 3D dataset to work from.

“Once the dataset is collected, users have a large toolbox of utilities to choose from, enabling them to fully define the important region of interest. “Along with these standard 3D tools, there are advanced functions like proxigrams and line scans, which allow a deeper understanding of spatial relationships between elements,” adds Dr. Camus.

TEAM™ 3D IQ is seamlessly integrated with EDAX’s powerful TEAM™ EDS software, and data can be shared between the programs with a single click. That teamwork enables full utilization of EDS quant tools for the 3D datasets, including Phase Maps, Quant Maps and Quant Line scans. Click here to view a 3D rendering of a hybrid display containing cadmium x-rays as magenta dots, sulphur x-rays as an orange volume, and oxygen x-rays as a blue transparent volume. 

TEAM™ 3D IQ expands the depth of understanding of 3D data, moving the results from the qualitative to the full quantitative domain, giving EDAX users the ultimate tool for materials characterization in 3D.


EDAX is the acknowledged leader in Energy Dispersive Microanalysis, Electron Backscatter Diffraction and X-ray Fluorescence instrumentation. EDAX designs, manufactures, installs and services high-quality products and systems for leading companies in the semiconductor, metals, geological, pharmaceutical, biomaterials, and ceramics markets.

Since 1962, EDAX has used its knowledge and experience to develop ultra-sensitive silicon radiation sensors, digital electronics and specialized application software that facilitate solutions to research, development and industrial requirements.

EDAX is a unit of AMETEK Materials Analysis Division. AMETEK, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with 2013 sales of $3.6 billion.

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Click here to view a 3D rendering of a hybrid display containing cadmium x-rays as magenta dots, sulphur x-rays as an orange volume, and oxygen x-rays as a blue transparent volume.