Barben Receives Dual Seal Approval For Optical Oxygen Sensor From UL

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

CARSON CITY, NV – Barben Analytical announces that it has received dual seal classification for its BOS fiber optic oxygen sensor per ANSI/UL 12.27.01. BOS fiber optic sensors are used in conjunction with the Barben 4401 OXY oxygen analyzer for liquid and gas phase measurements. The dual seal classification allows the sensor and analyzer to be mounted in different hazardous areas while still maintaining NEC compliance.

"Many users at first glance may consider optical oxygen measurement as posing no risk in hazardous area installations since the measurement uses no electricity", notes Steve Hammond, Product Manager. "However, in applications where the oxygen analyzer is mounted in a different classified area from the sensor, the process media could cross zones if a seal were to fail.”

“This type of dual seal design protection is common with electrical wiring in hazardous areas. Barben is the first on the market to offer fiber optic oxygen sensing technology that meets ANSI/UL 12.27.01 requirements."

When paired with a BOS oxygen sensor, the 4401 OXY oxygen analyzer provides a unique alternative to electrochemical oxygen sensors, tunable laser, and paramagnetic oxygen measurement technologies. Both the 4401 OXY oxygen analyzer and BOS sensor use fluorescent quenching technology to measure oxygen in liquids and gases in process control and monitoring applications.

Quenched fluorescence technology makes them especially well-suited for applications where H2S, CO2, methanol, and other gases can cause interference. The luminophore sensing element is independent of flow velocity and largely unaffected by moisture, particulates and other contaminants that may skew the readings of competing measurement technologies.

The UL approved dual seal version of the BOS oxygen sensor uses a familiar 12mm sensor body with 316 stainless steel construction. Optional titanium and Hastelloy C-276 constructions are available for corrosive environments. For high-pressure and high-temperature installations, Barben can provide complete sample conditioning systems for oxygen measurement.

About Barben Analytical

Barben is a leading supplier of pH/ORP, oxygen and conductivity measurement products and a well-known innovator of analytical measurement technologies. It is a business of AMETEK O’Brien, a leading manufacturer of fluid and gas handling solutions, sample conditioning equipment and process analyzers. Both are units of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of $3.6 billion. For more information, contact Barben Analyzer Technology, 5200 Convair Drive, Carson City, NV 89706, USA. Telephone: 775-883-2500. Fax: 775-297-4740. Website: E-mail:

Click here for a hi-res image of the Barben UL-approved
Dual seal, optical oxygen sensor

Click here for a hi-res illustration of the BOS optical oxygen sensor mounted in a different area classification from a 4401 OXY oxygen analyzer