Model 40 Pneumatic Controller Meets NSPS Quad O Performance Standards for Oil and Gas

Thursday, January 30, 2014

CONTACT: Tom Guinn (215-354-1832)

FEASTERVILLE, PA—The Model 40 Pneumatic Indicating Controller from AMETEK PMT Products complies with EPA’s “Go Green” Initiative under the new Clean Air Act Standards. The Model 40 meets the QUAD “O” standards’ requirement of an exhaust rate not to exceed 6.0 standard cubic feet per hour.

The versatile and environmentally friendly Model 40 is designed to sense pressure and transmit an air signal, which is precisely proportional to the measured variable. The output signal from its transmitter can be fed to a valve positioner or other remotely located final control device.

The Model 40 offers the safety of a fully pneumatic device, while reducing both operating cost and environmental impact, limiting fugitive emissions when operating on natural gas. In addition, the device provides the convenient operation of a single low-bleed controller with a high-capacity relay that will provide process indication even in the event of a loss of power or air supply.

The Model 40 pneumatic controllers are able to automatically position a valve or other final control element to maintain process pressure at a desired set point. It features broad selection of control modes (proportional, proportional plus reset (P+I), proportional+reset+rate (PID), and differential gap as well as a large, easy-to-read black on white dial for maximum resolution.

The Model 40 offers flexibility, accuracy and dependability. It is able to operate for extended periods in inaccessible locales without attention and has a wide selection of process measuring elements available for pressure, differential pressure, flow and level. Its accuracy is within +/-1% of full scale of indication and +/- 0.5% is available on most ranges.

As a receiving controller, it can control any process variable transmitted as a pneumatic signal. Its transmitters are designed in appearance to match the indicating pneumatic controller. The transmitters measure many different variables and provide standard 3-15 psi output, 100% linear to the process measurement range.

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