Chandler Engineering Model 3300 In-Line Viscometer for Real-Time Measurement of Fracking Fluids

Thursday, August 21, 2014

CONTACT: Jim Davison (918) 459-7177

BROKEN ARROW, OK – The Model 3330 In-Line Viscometer from Chandler Engineering provides real-time, on-location measurement of fracturing fluid viscosity. Using industry standard Couette Bob and Rotor geometry, the 3330 meets all of the American Petroleum Institute (API) requirements for viscosity testing.

The Model 3330 Chandler Engineering viscometer has a robust design and is ruggedized to withstand the harsh field conditions that fracking crews encounter every day. In addition, the Model 3330 is easy to operate and sits on the low pressure side of the blender, utilizing a slip stream flow through sample system off the hydration tank. The Model 3330 can be quickly disassembled for cleaning after each run, and critical components can be replaced with minimal operator intervention.

The Model 3330 comes with API R1-B1 geometry standard and operates at a fixed shear rate of 511 sec-1. The instrument sends a continuous measurement of viscosity and temperature to a treatment monitoring vehicle via 4-20mA signal loops. It also provides operators with a direct, real-time readout of current viscosity from the front panel display. The state-of-the-art instrument also is available with an optional pH probe for monitoring the all important pH of the fluid.

Chandler Engineering is a leader in oil well cementing, viscosity, reservoir analysis and high-pressure high-temperature instruments serving the upstream oil and gas markets and in exploration and production. Chandler Engineering is part of the Oil & Gas Business Unit of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with 2013 of $3.6 billion. For more information visit or contact Chandler Engineering directly at +918-250-7200 or

Click here for a hi-res image of the Chandler Engineering Model 3330 In-Line Viscometer