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What We Do

Examples of Our Product Innovation

  AMETEK Engineered Medical Components
The EMC businesses custom design and manufacture electronic cable assemblies, specialty wiring assemblies, and precision interconnection systems for neuro-stimulation, patient monitoring, ultrasound, cardiac rhythm management and cardiac mapping. Laser and mechanical energy are used to cut, etch and shape components for catheters, cardiac leads, guide wires and strain reliefs.

  Instrumentation and Specialty Controls - NCC
The Cooking Computer and Holder Timer utilizes probes to monitor temperature in cooking vats. Temperature recovery option can be used by providing proportional timing for cooking operations.

  Materials Analysis - AMPTEK
The XR-100 X-ray detector is part of Alpha Proton X-ray Spectrometer (APXS) on board the Sojourner rover. For its unique design and reliability, this detector was selected to perform rock and soil analysis using x-ray fluorescene techniques. Landed on Mars in July 1997.