VTI Instruments launches RX1032 Rugged Thermocouple Measurement Instrument

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

IRVINE, CA – VTI Instruments (www.vtiinstruments.com) announced today the release of the RX1032 Rugged Thermocouple Measurement Instrument. The RX1032 delivers industry-leading thermocouple measurement accuracy and acquisition rates and is configured in a rugged compact form factor that makes this instrument ideal for use in the most demanding environments.

Innovative hardware design techniques that incorporate advanced cold junction compensation (CJC) circuitry and superior thermal management result in exceptional temperature accuracy (±0.12° C), data acquisition rates (1000 samples/sec/channel) and wide operating ranges (-40° C to +70° C). Military-grade connectors ensure reliable power and network connectivity, while all thermocouple and sensor inputs are routed through a protected quick release panel for easy access.

“The RX1032 can be mounted directly in a test cell, very near the test article, eliminating long transducer cable paths that can negatively impact measurement accuracy,” notes Jon Semancik, VTI Instruments’ Product Line Manager. “Most importantly, the rugged design features permit use in harsh conditions without sacrificing measurement performance, accuracy or data reliability.”

Multiple RX1032 instruments can easily be distributed and synchronized using IEEE-1588 timestamp codes with typical accuracies of <200µS, ensuring that the acquired data is tightly correlated across the entire test article. Additionally, the industry-standard LXI Ethernet interface and IVI compliant software drivers simplify deployment, and the common EX10xx application programming interface (API) allows software developed for the laboratory to be seamlessly transported for use in the test cell.

The rugged construction of the RX1032 allows the measurement system to be mounted on test pylons, in test cells or in other harsh environments, making this instrument ideal for a wide range of applications, including large scale engine test, health monitoring, HALT/HASS, rocket motor reliability and wind tunnel tests.

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For images, data, or specifications or to create a quote online, visit http://www.vtiinstruments.com/Products-Services/RX-1032.aspx. Contact VTI Instruments directly at 949.955.1894 or e-mail sales@vtiinstruments.com.

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VTI is recognized as an industry leader with a reputation of providing reliable data, first time, every time. A sustained focus on innovation and technology enables VTI’s customers to optimize their capital investment through product longevity, while ensuring unmatched measurement integrity and data reliability.

VTI Instruments is a unit of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices.

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