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Material Analysis & Detection

        Arc/Spark OES
        Alignment, Levelling & Angle Measurement
        Bulk Elemental Analysis
        Detectors for Scanning Electron Microscopes
        EBSD for SEMs
        EDS Detectors for SEMs
        EDXRF Handheld
        EDXRF micro spot analysis
        EDXRF small spot analysis
        Elemental distribution, depth, micro/nano
        EPMA (Electron Probe MicroAnalyzer)
        Gamma Ray Detectors
        Gas Chromatography (Process)
        High Speed Cameras
        Isotopic Composition of micro/nano volumes
        LEXES (Low Energy Electron Induced X-ray Emission Spectrometry
        Materials Analysis & Detection for Spectro
        Materials characterization systems for SEMS
        Mass Spectrometers (Process)
        Metrology Tools
        Micro/Nano volume Elemental Analysis
        NIR Spectrophotometers (Process)
        Oil & Gas well cement test equipment
        Residual Gas Analyzers (Process)
        SIMS (Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry)
        TAP (3D Atom Probe)
        UV-VIS Spectrometers (Process)
        WDS Detectors for SEMs
        X-ray microanalysis for SEMS, TEMS

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